Wrightstown Walkway :: Bucks County Paver Hardscaping

These photos show a paver walkway we installed at a local shopping center. The owner wanted to connect several areas of the property to help customers move safely about the property. In addition, we installed a white rail fence and decorative lighting. The result: A lovely setting to enjoy an ice cream cone, view the beautiful gardens, take a break from shopping or watch the kiddies ride the carousel.

Pennsylvania Fieldstone Wall – Newtown/Penns Park, PA

Pennsylvania Fieldstone walls have a natural beauty. These dry laid walls blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape and appear to have been there for centuries. PA Fieldstone walls are truly a work of art! And, it takes a true artisan, who possesses a fine eye, to create a dry laid wall that is both aesthetically pleasing and long lasting. E. Carson Meeder Fine Landscaping has built many PA Fieldstone walls over the years.

I thought you might enjoy seeing a dry laid, or sometimes referred to as stacked, PA Fieldstone wall that we built quite a few years ago. It remains beautiful and striking to this day. It’s like having a piece of history on your property.








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