Wrightstown Hardscape Installation :: Bucks County Brick Paver Walkway

Hardscaping, especially paver walkways and patios, are very popular in our area. A paver walkway provides a low maintenance and long-lasting alternative to traditional wood decking or poured concrete while being aesthetically pleasing. Many of our clients ask questions about the installation process of brick paver hardscapes. I’ve decided to share the steps E. Carson Meeder Fine Landscaping takes to ensure beautiful, high quality paver results.

This Wrightstown paver hardscape walkway was featured in a previous blog post. Let’s take a closer look at this hardscape project from start to finish.

The first step in the hardscape design process is meeting with the client to discuss the needs of the project, walk the property location, and take exact measurements. Next, one of our talented landscape designers creates a preliminary plan for the paver design project. The landscape designer includes a suggested color palette, pattern design and specific paver product that would complement the surrounding landscape. Careful consideration is given to the client’s wishes, needs and budget throughout this process. The hardscape design concept is presented to our client and, if necessary, the paver walkway design is modified and tweaked. Positive communication between a customer and landscape design team is essential throughout any successful landscape design project. The E. Carson Meeder Fine Landscaping team of professionals is dedicated to maintaining communication and support throughout the entire design and build process.

Okay, so let’s get down to the specifics of the actual paver hardscape installation.

Step 1: Excavation and preparation of the area.

Step 2: Compacted crushed stone base. We use compacted fine screenings as our final bed rather than sand to decrease settling.

Step 3: Pavers are set in place based upon the pattern preferences of the client.

Step 4: Final alignment of lines and cutting of pavers where needed.

Step 5: Polymeric sand is applied. The sand is brushed in and wet down to seal cracks and bond pavers together.

Tada! The final walkway … complete with beautiful lighting, fencing and benches!

Wrightstown Walkway :: Bucks County Paver Hardscaping

These photos show a paver walkway we installed at a local shopping center. The owner wanted to connect several areas of the property to help customers move safely about the property. In addition, we installed a white rail fence and decorative lighting. The result: A lovely setting to enjoy an ice cream cone, view the beautiful gardens, take a break from shopping or watch the kiddies ride the carousel.

Pennsylvania Fieldstone Wall – Newtown/Penns Park, PA

Pennsylvania Fieldstone walls have a natural beauty. These dry laid walls blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape and appear to have been there for centuries. PA Fieldstone walls are truly a work of art! And, it takes a true artisan, who possesses a fine eye, to create a dry laid wall that is both aesthetically pleasing and long lasting. E. Carson Meeder Fine Landscaping has built many PA Fieldstone walls over the years.

I thought you might enjoy seeing a dry laid, or sometimes referred to as stacked, PA Fieldstone wall that we built quite a few years ago. It remains beautiful and striking to this day. It’s like having a piece of history on your property.








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