Antique Water Pump Fountain :: Yardley Landscape Garden Water Feature

Is it a garden water feature or is it an old water pump? It’s both!

When you have an abundance of creativity, as well as ingenuity, the result can be delightful! Just take a look at this outdoor water feature Carson designed. It graces the kitchen garden of a local restaurant. Not only is this outdoor water feature charming to look at, but it is functional. The chef is able to wash the newly harvested vegetables using this enchanting water feature before taking the veggies and herbs into the restaurant.

Wrightstown Walkway :: Bucks County Paver Hardscaping

These photos show a paver walkway we installed at a local shopping center. The owner wanted to connect several areas of the property to help customers move safely about the property. In addition, we installed a white rail fence and decorative lighting. The result: A lovely setting to enjoy an ice cream cone, view the beautiful gardens, take a break from shopping or watch the kiddies ride the carousel.

Organic White Oak, Raised-Bed Vegetable/Herb Boxes :: Bucks County, PA

Have you been looking for healthier options when it comes to the food you eat? Are you thinking of moving toward buying organic vegetables or raising your own? Farm to table cuisine is popping up everywhere — from restaurants to family kitchens. We, at E. Carson Meeder Fine Landscaping, are thrilled to see this “new” trend growing stronger every day in Bucks County, PA, and surrounding areas.

But, let’s face it, starting a home garden is hard work and takes time! We receive many requests for information and advice about organic home gardening. We put our heads together and have come up with a solution. We are now building raised-bed vegetable/herb boxes similar to those we installed at The Yardley Inn’s Kitchen River Garden. These organic, white oak, raised-bed vegetable/herb boxes are now available by special order. Our boxes will eliminate much of the work in bed preparation and allow you to create a home garden quickly and easily. The quality of our custom made garden box far exceeds those plastic versions you will find in the large chain home stores.

Take a look at this example that shows just how easy and attractive a raised-bed garden can be.


There are five easy steps to creating your own kitchen garden filled with seasonal vegetables and herbs:

  • Choose a location.
  • Place and pin down a fabric mat.
  • Set box in place and level.
  • Fill box with planting medium or use your own existing soil.
  • Ready for planting!

These white oak, raised-bed vegetable/herb boxes are available in various sizes ranging from 3’x 4′ to 3’x 9′. They can be placed on existing grass or in an existing bed. Use single or multiple boxes to create the size, placement and design that you desire. And, remember that we are available to build, install and fill your raised-bed vegetable/herb boxes with organic planting medium. All that’s left is for you to plant seeds or seedlings.

If you are in interested in purchasing a raised-bed vegetable/herb box, or would like additional information, please give us a call or send us a message. Please keep in mind that we customize the size of the planter boxes for each project. Also, due to frequent requests from readers around the country, we need to make you aware that we only work within our local geographic area. Here are some additional photos to enjoy.



Fill one box with vegetables and another with herbs. After harvesting one seasonal vegetable, plant another or fill a box with different varieties of one vegetable (e.g. peppers). Have fun and experiment!


This box is filled with micro greens, basil, swiss chard, sage and more!


Pennsylvania Fieldstone Wall – Newtown/Penns Park, PA

Pennsylvania Fieldstone walls have a natural beauty. These dry laid walls blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape and appear to have been there for centuries. PA Fieldstone walls are truly a work of art! And, it takes a true artisan, who possesses a fine eye, to create a dry laid wall that is both aesthetically pleasing and long lasting. E. Carson Meeder Fine Landscaping has built many PA Fieldstone walls over the years.

I thought you might enjoy seeing a dry laid, or sometimes referred to as stacked, PA Fieldstone wall that we built quite a few years ago. It remains beautiful and striking to this day. It’s like having a piece of history on your property.








Multi-Level Deck and Pergola – Montgomery County, PA

Our clients wanted a private area in which to enjoy their new hot tub. This multi-level deck is perfect for private evenings or entertaining. While some guests soak in the hot tub, others can mingle or chat while relaxing on the newly installed patio furniture. Still others may chose to dine at a table situated under the pergola. Just try to imagine it with the patio furniture and gas grill in place! When the plant materials are installed, this family will have a beautiful and inviting place to spend time alone or with friends for many years to come! Makes me want to invite some friends over for a cookout tonight!

Welcome to the FL Blog!

Yes! We finally have a blog! Our friends (and that includes you — our customers) have been asking for a website for quite a while. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to get to know you better. We have so many things to share with you. While we continue to expand and grow our site, here is a peek of what you can expect to find in the coming weeks.

First and foremost, we’ll acquaint you with some of the design projects we have been working on. You’ll view before and after photos so you can ooh and ahh along with us. You’ll see total outdoor living areas, kitchen gardens, hardscaping, water features and so much more. We want to inspire you and tickle your senses. If only we could include the fragrance of the blossoms and the sound of the breeze fluttering the leaves on the trees. But, unfortunately, for now, we’ll just have to settle for the visual.

You’ll discover future trends in the landscaping/green industry and just what that means to you. We’ll share practical tips and important information to keep your landscaping looking its best. And, if you have a particular question or concern, just let us know and we’ll try to answer those requests as well.

Finally, we hope to share local happenings and places that we think are fun to visit. All in all, we hope that you will be inspired, educated and entertained when you visit us. Thanks for coming and be sure to come back again!

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